Empowering teens to change the world since 2024.

Teens Overview of World Needs: Teens that change the future, including you. Equipping teens with the knowledge and resources to tackle global challenges.

Ways to support

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T.O.W.N is a Teen Led Charity Organization trying to make change for the better. We are starting small with a few schools at a time and with your help we can go GLOBAL!

Empowering teens to be the change they want to see in the world, that's what T.O.W.N is all about. Founded in 2024, we're a charity organization to help other children and adults and to combat World Issues. From environmental sustainability to social justice, T.O.W.N is what we hope to be.

T.O.W.N isn't just about learning – it's about doing. We offer interactive workshops, connect you with inspiring changemakers, and provide opportunities to develop your leadership skills. Whether you're passionate about climate change, global health, or human rights, T.O.W.N empowers you to turn your ideas into impactful initiatives.

Your voice matters! T.O.W.N relies on the passion and energy of dedicated teens like you. Join our community, participate in our programs, and become a leader in creating a more just and sustainable world.  Donations from generous individuals and organizations allow us to continue offering our programs free of charge.  Consider making a contribution to empower the next generation of global changemakers!

Current and Future Events!

Come check out the current and future events we have to raise awareness and money for!

T.O.W.N Message

We started out as a small project with a group of 4 people. Then we decided the world needs to be changed for the better.

We want to be able to make a difference in the world while we still can at our age and help out others in need.

We hope to partner with bigger charity organizations and help the world be a better place. We'd love donations to help our case. Remember everyone, We are a group of Teens that are trying to change the future, including you.


Eusevio Serbellon & John Koehl
T.O.W.N International