T.O.W.N: Teens that change the future, including you.

T.O.W.N (Teens Overview of World Needs) is a passionate community fueled by the belief that teens have the power to ignite positive change. Founded in 2024, we go beyond textbook knowledge, Helping out other children, Raising Money and Awareness for people in need. Together, we're building a future where every teen has the knowledge, resources, and confidence to tackle global challenges and create a more just and sustainable world.

Meet the Owners! 

T.O.W.N is led by a group of 4 people named Eusevio Serbellon, John Koehl, Lindsey Par, and Indigo Forster.

"I was bored on a weekend and spent 6 hours with John planning everything out and just wanting to make a change in general, I feel like no matter who you are, What your background is, Where you were born, You can still make a change and difference in life and be successful."

-Eusevio Serbellon

"At first TOWN was just a project in a class that I didn’t really want to do at all. However, on the weekend after we got this project me and Eusevio started planning an idea for how to solve the problem the group had come up with in Indi. Slowly we started bouncing ideas off of each other and within 6 hours had come up with a plan for an event. Most of the time I don’t believe that children can make an impact, but that day proved me wrong. If four random kids can make an impact like we’re trying to simply because they like to talk about stuff and plan things, why can’t anyone? That’s why I’m part of the organization. To prove kids and teens can change the world yesterday, today, and tomorrow."

-John Koehl

Co-Owner John Doe

Eusevio Serbellon

pineapple on pizza is great and you cant change my mind (im looking at you lindsey)

Co-Owner Jane Doe

John Koehl

wait a second, i can just not be dumb -john 2024

Co-Owner Jane Doe

Indigo Forster

*confident in making 360 cookies with 1 oven by themselves*

Co-Owner Jane Doe

Lindsey Par

*doesn't know what an aneurysm is*

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